For any business owner or manager, finding the right method of collaboration with the agency or a freelancer is a big challenge. There is always a confusion of which protocol to use- Do It Your Self (DIY), Do It For Me (DIFM) or Do It With Me (DIWM).

Let us learn the pros and cons for each option in details through an example.

Take the case of your new website. Every business needs a website for a solid online presence. As a business owner or manager, you will definitely look for the best option to make your new website live ASAP.

So, creating an effective website is of vital importance to your business and you have the three options before you- DIY, DIFM and DIWM. Let us have a brief discussion about the three options, to help you decide the most suitable one for your business.

Option 1: DIY website design

Many business owners are not well-versed with every detail of website design and development. Hence, they are likely to look for a step by step guidance or training to understand the process as a whole and how they can use templates for designing websites. Nowadays, you can design and develop a website by yourself with free tools such as WordPress or Joomla.

You will reap the following benefits:

  • Cost savings — Budget is an important consideration for small business owners. So, it would indeed be great if you can design your website on your own at little or no cost.
  • Total control — You will have full control over the content, images and the entire look and feel of the website. There will not be any issues cropping from differences in opinion with the website designer or developer.

However, DIY techniques come with their own drawbacks as well.

  • Building your own website is time-consuming and you might also face some technical challenges with templates or bug-fixing.
  • The end product you develop will depend largely on your learning curve and the time you will consume to build the website. The site might have limited capabilities and certain poor functionalities.

Option 2: DIFM website design

If DIY isn’t for you, the next option is to hire someone else. You can hire a freelancer or an agency to do the job for you. Here are some of the advantages of DIFM:

  • You will get a professional design for your website. This ensures a professional, appealing and smoothly functional website.
  • There will be little or no investment of your own man hours in getting your website up and running. You can utilize this time in formulating business strategy or selling.
  • Since there will be a professional to handle the website technicalities, you can have more options and functions in your website, which will in turn aid your business.

It indeed has a lot of benefits. The only concern is the cost, assuming that you hired a good freelancer or agency that will do the job quickly and professionally.

Option 3: DIWM website design

The third option is an amalgamation of DIY and DIFM. It is best to go for this option when you have the basic knowledge of website management, but does not possess the required technical skills or the time to design & develop the website by yourself. In this case, you hire a company or a freelancer to support you in basic functions or some tasks in your new website. You will work hand in hand with the freelancer or agency to complete the tasks.

DIWM can have a lot of different scenarios-

  1. You start the design they do the functionality, or
  2. They start the template design and you handle the contents and updates, and so on.

Following are the advantages of DIWM:

  • You will get a professional and smoothly functioning website.
  • You will have a good amount of hours to invest in formulating your business strategy, or selling.
  • You have control of your website and the decision of what and what not to delegate lies entirely on you. So, you can decide accordingly and save money.

Off-course the cost will be a bit on the higher side, less than DIFM but higher than DIY. Another drawback is that a certain portion of your time will be consumed in doing your part.

The main point is that there is no right or wrong option; it is all based on your need and your business situation. Here we reviewed the three options with the example of your website design and development. The same applies to all your digital marketing initiatives.

A proper mix of the three options can guarantee the maximum benefits for your business. The choice is yours!

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