So, as you read in our last article about the influencer marketing and why every marketer should try it to boost their business. Here we are with the next thing that will let you know how marketers can select and manage an effective influencer marketing campaign.

As you know how fast this term called Influencer marketer is getting fame in the web world, every marketer needs to hire one to get the success in the business.  Only an efficient influencer can ensure that you are getting the best out of your business.

But, do you know what the biggest challenge here is? Well, it is nothing but finding an appropriate influencer that can help any marketer to carry out this job successfully.

But the question is how to reach the right influencer?

How to Select an Influencer and what are the Tools You Will Need For It?

Choosing an influencer depends on a few things, which are as follows:

1.Reach: You can simply calculate the reach by summing up all the influencers’ followers across all his social media channels. Besides this, there are a few other ways to make this calculation more precise, which are:

  • An average number of impressions he gets on his social media posts. 
  • Unique follower count (same followers following on all social media channels?)
  • Number of people sharing his posts

2.Influence: How likely your influencer is influencing his followers to buy your products and services is what calculates the influence. And, here are some other factors that will help you understand the influence rate better!

  • How seriously are people following your influencer’s opinion to turn into the buyers?
  • What is the engagement rate or how closer can he be to the bottom of the funnel?
  • What is the click and conversion rate?

3.Relevance: It shows why this influencer is good for your brand. Here is how you measure it!

  • What topics does the influencer generally discuss?
  • What are the activities that interest him?
  • What brands is he associated with and is it helpful for your brand in any way?
  • What is the target demographic?

Now, you have selected the influencer and ready for the next step, it is about your campaign planning and setup. How to Set the Campaign Plan with the Influencer?

Just five easy steps and you are done!

  1. Define the goal of the campaign

The very first task would be to define the goals of the campaign. Be sure that the goal is achievable. Know what are you trying to accomplish and your influencer should know the same.

  1. Evaluate everything!

The second step is to evaluate the campaign climate, where you will be planning to maximize the positives and minimizing the weaknesses. What’s working in your favor should be boosted and obstacles should be reduced.

  1. Plan out Strategies

You both will be listing the things to be done and milestones to be achieved in this step.

  1. Finalize The Influence Strategy

Your influencer will be handling most of the things by now. Both you and he will be planning and land on a unique and effective strategy that can help you in attaining the goals that you set during the first step.

  1. Manage the Campaign

After you have worked as per your tactics, this is the time to manage all the day-to-day activities of the campaign to get everything done properly.

The most critical part now is to ask yourself, is the campaign successful? How you can measure the campaign results, is working with his influencer impact your business positively?

Measuring your Influencer’s Marketing Campaign

  1. Brand Awareness Metrics

With the two key performance indicators or KPIs related to the brand metrics i.e. frequency and sentiment, one can calculate the brand awareness metrics for their business. The frequency measures the average number of times a person is exposed to the brand whereas the sentiments measure the neutral, positive, and even negative conversations.

So, if you are looking forward to knowing how the influencer has influenced the conversation about your brand, Brand awareness metrics is the right thing to pick right now.

  1. Engagement

This tells you how much you have extended the brand’s reach to the audience, be it new or existing. And, you can do this through likes, comments, shares, conversations, and even the blogs that are associated with your business. So, identify how users interact with content from an influencer.

You can simply calculate the engagement rate per influencer post like this!

Engagement Rate= People who liked, shared, commented, and even clicked on the post / Post Reach 


Engagement Rate= Total Engagement/ Total Fans

  1. Brand Effect

Of course, you will need to determine what effect the message has on your brand. So, for this, all you need to do is assess the metrics that is generated to your landing page or the website along with the number of times your brand was mentioned online, a number of subscribers received, and even the followers that have been added to your social media accounts.

So, you can always measure the performance of your business after you have hired an influencer marketer. Why not start it today?

In next article, we will discuss more the different tools you can use to track and measure all influencer campaigns and how to use it in a proper way.

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