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Digital Personal Trainer

Those who are looking for increased personal attention on a one-to-one basis beyond the classroom or workshop setting, or wish to have hands-on training on any digital advertising platform, can opt for the Digital Personal Trainer, who can be scheduled to work with you on a one-to-one basis.

In this case, we’ll go step by step with any specific topic and share best practices that can spell success for your business. Digital Personal Trainings can be provided for the following, amongst others:

  • Creating your first campaign in Google Adwords
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising.
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Google Analytics

Within a short span of time, you’ll be able to do everything on your own. As per your requirements, we can arrange for one-time training, weekly sessions, or more.

Digital Mastermind Group

Digital Marketing Mastermind Coaching program is a three-month intensive coaching and idea sharing program, designed specifically for empowering senior management with the knowledge needed to leverage the power of digital marketing for boosting business. It’s a wonderful blend of personal digital marketing coaching aimed to channelize your business digital marketing strategy and the power of the mastermind group for sharing, personal development and finding new ideas. Join us in a game changes event for your future.

Master Google Adwords

Every request on the search engines with any keyword related to your products or services is a big opportunity for you, and you must not miss it! Whether browsers are looking specifically for your brand or they are just looking for a solution to their problem, it always pays to get noticed first. Each search engine campaign should be created and managed in such a way that your message caters to the user’s needs on a real-time basis. Let’s have a unique tour in search engine marketing with hands-on training.

Social Media Advertising

It is your personal guide for the social media management! This guide is arranged into step-by-step actions based on the best practices of formulating and managing social media marketing campaigns starting from planning through goal setting, identifying your target audience and design your campaign. This is a complete package of all the tools and information that will aid you in the social media marketing process, so that you can conveniently start your campaign and have full control over your social media channels.

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