Do It For Me (DIFM)

A package of complete outsourced digital marketing solutions

Do It For Me (DIFM)

Do It For Me option works best for business managers and owners who have a hectic schedule and hardly find time to manage their marketing campaigns on their own.

This option is also a great choice for businesses that may not be familiar with the various tactics and trends prevalent in the world of digital marketing. Herein we arrange for professionally managed digital marketing campaigns, hence business owners or managers don’t need to invest time in creating campaigns.

True to its name, Do-It-for-me marketing implies a package of complete outsourced digital marketing solutions aimed to help you achieve your digital marketing goals for respective campaigns.

In this way, you will be able to dedicate your precious time towards key business areas like sales or finances. This will make you more productive and effective.

do it for me

Build Your Search Campaign

In order to enhance your sales volume and boost your bottom line, you need to be present where your customers are. In short, you must indulge in Search marketing. Search is not only confined to keywords. Each campaign should be created and managed in such a way that your message caters to the user’s needs on a real-time basis. Our PPC Strategy is based on Quality Score Optimization to achieve the best conversion rate for your campaign. Each ad group is formulated in such a manner that it ensures a tight balance between Keyword Selection, Ad Group Structure, Cost Per Click and Landing Page Optimization. Our experience extends to all facets of PPC marketing and we have managed over $1 million dollars of paid search advertising across a span of 5 years.

Social Media Campaign

Marketing, which has evolved over the years, no longer remains a one-way communication. Given the huge growth of the internet and subsequent proliferation of social media platforms, engaging your customers on social media is not an option any more. We are here to help you identify the objective of your presence over social media. Is it for generating leads, customer engagement, or brand awareness? Whatever the case may be, we help you choose the right social media strategy and audience targeting tactics that are perfectly aligned with your goals and budget. With the right strategy in place, we work closely with you to create compelling ads, manage your campaign, and optimize your ad creative.

Build My Sales Funnel

Sales are about the experience your customer will face while engaging with your brand, it is not about just an offer or discount you are offering to generate sales. The sales funnel technique is a great tool, which help you illustrate the customer journey and get more insights about your customer’s need in each stage in the selling process.  With experience in various fields, dealing with many industries and many sales funnels, we are working very closely with you to understand your business, your customers and develop the best sales funnel for your business and include all the digital communications required for each step in the funnel, providing you with the required tools to track and report the complete selling process.

Lead Generate Campaign

New leads are the main source of growth for any business and if you are going to invest your money and time in any marketing activities, so Invest for results ONLY. Lead generation campaigns should be designed in a special way, putting leads’ need on the focus. Every consumer might not be ready to buy the first time they visit your website, hence you need to be creative enough to be visible and get noticed at the time they show interest in your business. We are using different lead generation and growth hacking strategies to increase the number of leads and ensure more revenue for your business. Lead generation campaigns are using a unique multi-channel strategy to target your customers in different digital channels and using different tools.

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