Do It With Me (DIWM)

The right involvement of the digital consulting agency

Do It With Me (DIWM)

Do It With Me is an amalgamation of the first two options. This category calls for the involvement of the digital consultancy agency as well as the business owner or management team. There is an ongoing conversation between the two parties regarding strategy, campaigns and tactics, making DIWM the perfect option for owners or managers who are actively involved with their digital marketing plan, but require a strong helping hand for certain new trends or parts of campaign management when they get busy.

Do It With Me (DIWM is similar to hiring your own marketing team without any obligations to pay monthly salaries.

Established and growing businesses prefer DIWM. These companies have taken their digital marketing to a sophisticated level wherein they can handle part of the marketing responsibilities.

Do-it-with-me marketing puts the power of digital and internet marketing in your hands, without taking a toll on your time and expenses.

Do it for me

Digital Marketing Strategy

As “Do It With Me” model in our scope, we are working together to build up your digital marketing strategy for your business. You can consider us as one of your marketing team, we will go through a pre-defined process to get the maximum for your business. We are going to send to you a brief template, then we will do a complete analysis to the business, next we will schedule a call for questions and answers and get more personal insights from you. Finally, we will present to you the first draft of digital marketing strategy for the first round of discussion, with your comments and with more discussion we are going to present the final version and deliver to you a complete document with all details you need.

Social Media Strategy

Let’s work together to build your social media strategy. In “DO It With Me” model, we will analyze your audience in more details and set the best social media strategy to ensure the optimum engagement with them. First, will send you a template to create your social media handbook, it will be as a guide for your social media team. Then, we will build your yearly social media calendar, focusing on key occasions and events, develop a theme for each month aligned with your strategy, and create the contents of each monthly. Finally, we will set the social media advertising strategy to reach your target audience and communicate your message.

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