Do It Yourself (DIY)

The most cost-effective one, especially for new startups with limited resources.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Do it yourself is the most suitable option for managers and owners who are proactively participating in the day to day marketing tasks of their business. They want to be a part of the entire digital marketing scenario concerning their business and look forward to online customer interaction on their own.

This option proves to be the most cost-effective one, especially for new startups with limited resources. The only costs involved apart from product development are that of time and effort.

Most SMB favors the Do It Yourself model at the startup level. As they grow, they require increased assistance in digital marketing to synchronize their online campaigns across different channels.

With respect to this method, I primarily focus on online/personal practical training to help you create and manage your digital activities with the basic skills required for each specific channel.

Build Your Strategy

Having your digital strategy in-place from the beginning is a key to your business success. This module will help you build up your digital marketing strategy and set all the resources you need. Learn how to set the proper digital strategy for your business and how to select the best channels and the investment allocation per channel.

Master Google Adwords

Paid search marketing is the most effective way for lead generation and it is crucial for your business. In this module we will go through step by step training to master Google Adwords so you can manage all campaigns by yourself. Understand the secret of Google Adwords tips & tricks to get the best results.

Social Media Advertising

No business can ignore social media nowadays, while all your customers in social media now, it is not about the number of fans or followers anymore. This module will help you build up your social marketing strategy and build your social media campaign.  Learn how to manage your advertising in different social media channels and ensure you get the maximum return on investment.

Conversion Rate Optimization

There are many tools and tactics to increase your conversion rate and increase your sales in all digital channels. In this module we will go through all these tools and how to optimize every single step in your campaign to increase conversion. Understand the secrets of conversion rate optimization and how it will increase your sales.

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